The Benefits of Activities that You Love

Activities that You Love

often find myself discussing the importance of hobbies and interests with clients. Our mental health can be impacted by many different things, but one often overlooked factor is doing activities that you enjoy; otherwise known as hobbies. A hobby can be something related to creativity, sports, or academics. A hobby can be anything from reading, playing board games, drawing, playing a sport, going for hikes, gardening, etc. Doing an activity that you enjoy during your spare time can reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that participant’s levels of cortisol have been lower, after participating in an activity. Engaging in an activity has also been known toincrease a person’s mood by decreasing feelings of anxiousness and sadness, enhance overall well-being, and social activities have been known to enhance a person’s social connection with others. Sometimes people who have few or no hobbies or interests can struggle with their mood, energy levels, motivation, and/or isolation. Get out there and try some new things! Figure outwhat you enjoy and have fun!


Parkhurst, Emma (2021)

Blog Post by Provisional Psychologist, Jenn Yim-Rodier

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