Parenting through the Years

Parenting Through the Years

Parenting is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things a person can do. Our children don’t come with manuals, and they’re all different, even in the same family. Just when we think we have it figured out, they grow up and change.

I often hear parents saying they wish they’d read more about parenting than they have—there are numerous books, blogs and articles on whatever they’re trying to figure out at that moment. All this information is wonderful when it comes from reputable sources but all too often the one thing we always have that can be forgotten is our natural parenting instinct. Listening to our gut and our natural parenting instinct is sometimes all we need.

As a mother of five with a 17 year age gap, I know I parented differently in my 20’s with my older children than I did with my younger children. I know I made mistakes, but sometimes we learned together. Today I see how amazing they are—all those times I was worried about messing things up turned out to be pretty amazing adults! To all the parents struggling in parenthood: keep loving your children and exploring with curiosity; keep talking to them and listening when they need to talk; keep learning with them.

Blog Post by Clinical Counsellor, Allie Lewis

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